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Why I don’t think the Apple subscription stunt will stop SaaS offerings.

There's no small consternation brewing about the impact of Apple's new subscription model on SaaS (Software as a Service) entities. Which is perfectly understandable. I think the truth is that Apple, particularly if it sticks to its guns on this, has probably soured the app store for SaaS companies.

That said, I don't think SaaS apps will go away. And I don't think the companies will have to pay 30%.

Here's how I figure: Let's take the canonical Basecamp, as an example. Have you seen all the third parties that, because Basecamp has an open API, have created native iOS apps that provide access to the Basecamp offering? Some of these are really good.

But these companies don't have a right to sell subscriptions of Basecamp. It's not their product. So unless Apple is going to kick them all out of The App Store, there are very solid native iOS apps for Basecamp which don't require 37signals (makers of Basecamp) to pay 30% of subscriptions to Apple. 

In the worst case scenario, companies won't be able to personally offer native iOS apps for their SaaS offerings. This is absurd of course, but the loophole for them will be to release a very mature, essentially turnkey SDK (along with their open API) for free to the community, and then promote whomever does the best job with it. 

Am I missing anything?

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