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How to Have a Portfolio Career With Multiple Streams of Income

Juggling Plates – How to Have a Portfolio Career With Multiple Streams of Income
By [,_Ph.D.]Ann Ronan, Ph.D.

Many of you know that I live a spiritually focused life. And one of my beliefs is that there is something bigger than us -we can call it God, or The Force or whatever. I believe we are created from that invisible energy field and that we are part of it -co-creators. Imagine that God is the ocean and we are each unique drops in that ocean -we’re not God -and yet we have all the power we need to create lives that uniquely suit us!

I know that this Force that works through me and for me, is unlimited in energy, creativity and abundance of all good things. And so, one of my mantras is “God is my source and supply bringing in income from many streams.” I love the fact that I don’t depend on any one source of income and I know that no person, place or thing is my source.

It makes sense to diversify your interests and do some things for money, some because they interest you and some just for fun. Having multiple streams of income gives you an edge when cycles change – one income stream may start going flat while another is building up. Having several projects is an insurance policy to staying afloat.

How do you get started in creating multiple streams of income? Well here are some specific, powerful steps to get you started.

It is easier to earn $1,000 a month from ten little businesses than it is to earn $10,000 a month from one big one. Not that the big ones don’t happen -they do! AND, you can’t start them all at once. This is a big mistake that many of my clients make…they’re afraid to focus on just one thing…thinking they’re giving up their other passions…you’re not!

Take your first idea, either one that is easy for you to make money at right away or, if you’re not pressed for money, the one that gets you most “juiced.” Stay with that one idea until it develops momentum and is bringing in money, then on to the next idea and so on.

Some people have one passion that spins off into several profit centers. For example, a passion for herbs could lead to a bed and breakfast located on an herb farm, lectures on herbs, writing books on gardening herbs, selling articles on herbs, and a mail order catalog to sell herbs.

Others, like myself, have several completely different income streams. My current ones are a Success Circle Coaching Program for women entrepreneurs, an entrepreneur information product, grant writing consulting projects, a 30 day Jump Start Your Grant Writing Consulting Business Coaching Club, a how to do grant writing information product, and a Virtual Center for Spiritual Living ( []

Does the thought of this make your head spin? Take it slow. Look at your long-range goals and work backwards breaking your big goals into baby steps -this is the key. A 2nd secret to success is being consistent and persistent.

Suppose you want to create five profit centers each bringing in $10,000 and you want to accomplish that within the next five years. You have two ideas you can get started with, one that is half baked and no idea yet what the other two will be.

You’re first step is to create two $10,000 a year revenue sources. That breaks down to each bringing in $800 a month -with a weekly target of $200 each. That’s doable!

Eventually your goal is to have some of those profit centers bringing you money while you sleep! I’ve learned a lot in my coaching programs about information marketing and now I have two information products that bring in money (ch-ching) into my email box at all hours -even when I’m on vacation.

This is called leveraging your knowledge. A big topic that I’ll share more about in upcoming issues.

Ann delivers smart, simple ways for people to acknowledge what they love to do and do more of it. Her articles, products, and books have motivated and inspired readers in numerous print and online publications. She regularly leads coaching programs, tele-seminars and live retreats, bringing the message to audiences internationally that living a passion-based life will bring prosperity and success.
For a fr^ee Audio Seminar “Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit: 7 Easy Steps to Success” register at

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Layoff Pitfalls

Layoff Pitfalls – Burn the Bridge at Your Peril
By Rebecca Metschke

As everyone is painfully aware, work force reductions are becoming all too common.

Unfortunately, the pace is going to pick up.

As more and more people face the prospect of a layoff, there is increased potential for a mass conflagration resulting from the many bridges that are going to be torched. If you end up with a pink slip, don’t add to the flames.

If you’ve gone through a layoff, you know it’s an undesirable situation that can play out in any number of ways. Things can happen with shocking speed, or it can be an extremely protracted experience – akin to “death by a thousand cuts.” You can agonize for weeks or even months as you wait for the shoe to drop, becoming increasingly anxious with each passing day…or find yourself scrambling as events unfold at an alarming rate.

Your employer may be extremely supportive, trying to cushion the blow and assist you with the transition. On the other hand, your company might handle the process poorly.

You and your colleagues may feel you’ve been kept in the dark…that senior management has committed “sins of omission” or, worse yet, lied about the situation. Maybe you think some of the people whose jobs were saved are undeserving. The whole selection process seems arbitrary.

Sometimes, it just gets to be too much. A person finds out he’s going to lose his job, and he blows.

He decides he’s going to strike back.

He sets fire to the bridge.

While this may feel good, at least for a moment or two, it’s a bad idea. Even after the blaze is extinguished, fires from “hot spots” may break out for a long time to come…and it’s not your former employer who’s going to get burned.

As difficult as it may be, this is the time to perfect and execute the art of the graceful exit.

No matter how your situation was handled, or how resentful you feel because you lost your job and the guy in the cube next to you didn’t, or how frustrated you feel about your job prospects – it’s crucial that you be remembered as a class act.

You never know what may happen.

One or more people from the company you’re leaving may end up playing a role in your future. Whether it’s positive – or negative – will be greatly influenced by how you handle your exit.

Take a deep breath, set the negatives aside, and avoid any temptation to light that fire. Focus on this point forward.

You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Rebecca Metschke helps professionals improve their marketability. The author of The Interview Edge (, a comprehensive career guide to career management, she also writes a daily blog posting strategies, tips and advice for those whose careers are in transition.

Article Source:—Burn-the-Bridge-at-Your-Peril&id=2000448

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